Thursday, October 12, 2006

Oh dear

Tonight, we decided to walk down to Barbara's Bookstore to buy a copy of Time Out Chicago, in which the lads of Stitches in Britches figure prominently. Well, for one short article, at least. If you don't live in Chicago, you can read it here.
I'm not one to beat up other writers - dog knows how hard it is some days, but I do wish whoever wrote that headline had not dusted off the "knitting not for grandmas" cliche.
That said, here's hoping the guys get more folks to come out and knit.
So en route to the store, the Fool stopped, looked aghast and slapped our bedroom wall.
"Uh oh," he said, turning his hand over. "Moth."
"Wool moth?"
"Hang on. Let me get the camera."
"You're going to blog the moth?"
Dead moths don't photograph well, so he set it aside to take a picture of tomorrow in natural light (because you all want to see a small blurry brown squashed moth.)
Now I'm going to be up all night worrying about the veritable Old Country Moth Buffet of wool in this apartment. How the hell did a moth get in here? What are the cats doing all day?



LaurieM said...

Get some cedar, light and air into your wool storage! Stat!

meg said...

Cedar. That's on my list of things to get today. A lot of the wool is already in the air, but perhaps it will take a trip to the back porch for additional airing. Or not? Is that where the moths are waiting for me?

Eldronius said...

I have that same fear! I have a stubborn pantry moth infection, but I have no idea if they will eat my wool stash or not. They seem to eat everything else organic in nature.

I second that "oy" and hope yours did not lay any eggs. Egaads.

Aprilynne said...

I had a sudden pantry moth problem for awhile and found that they had hatched out of the rice I had in there! (ew!!) So now I keep the rice in the freezer. They were tiny little brown moths, though, just nasty like little dusty roaches - yick - our exterminator totally gassed the little freaks. They seemed to mostly be interrested in grain, though, getting into the cereal boxes... etc

Aidan said...

The Baker's Catalogue sells wonderful moth traps for the pesky pantry moths. (#$%^&@! hateful, nasty friends of Satan. Dog I hate those things.) The traps work kind of like fly paper and use pheramones to attract male moths.

As for the equally evil woold eaters, I keep mothballs going in the closet at all times of the year. They aren't getting MY sweaters!