Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Amazon? What gives?

So the other day (March 21) in a fit of consumer-culture hysteria, I ordered three books from Amazon. I felt guilty for not supporting my local bookstore. But then I realized that I probably wouldn't find all these books at the same store and I'd have to go hiking from independent bookseller to independent bookseller (which, while not bad in and of itself, is not something I have the time to do these days, unfortuantely), so amazon.com it was.
I ordered the Yarn Harlot's new book, and I ordered Charlene Schurch's new book, and I ordered a book by Kumiko Sudo, which has a pattern for a cicada-shaped pouch in it, because I live with someone who really, really likes the idea of 17-year cicadas, so many that they leave drifts of their nasty, cast-off carapaces on the sidewalk. And maybe he might like a little bag shaped like a cicada to put his knitting in or something. I'll make it in guy colors.

(No, I'm not checking that link; there might be a picture of one of those revolting red-eyed bugs. If it doesn't work, Google "lllinois cicadas" and look for the link put up by the U of I Extension office. That's what I did.)

Point is, Amazon told me it would take them until May 25 to ship me my books. Today, just for grins, I looked at the site again, now that the Harlot and Charlene's books are released. If I ordered those books today, March 27, six days after I actually ordered them, I could get them in two days, not two months.

To rephrase: Ordering early did squat. Has this happened to anyone else? Is Amazon's shipping computer lying to me?

In other business:
1. Knitpicks Options needles - love them. Only I was insane when I ordered a couple to knit socks on, and they are too short.

2. The Blackwater Abbey sweater progresses. I have the two fronts to knit now. Pictures soon.

3. I started knitting a washcloth with some hemp yarn I bought in DC out of curiosity. It's really stiff and crunchy now, but I have hopes it will soften up. More to report on that as the project unfolds.

4. Have another hedgehog on the needles for a small person I will be seeing this weekend ... and don't you know it, I ran out of black eyelash yarn. Grrrrgh.

5. The Fool is off with the Britches tonight, plugging away on his Shetland sweater. Undoubtely, he will provide an illustrated report.


JustApril said...

Well.... I ordered Jane Eyre (the new BBC Masterpiece Theater version) before it was released and it was shipped one day before the release date (somehow) and I got it really quickly. SO... not sure what's up?

cicadas, noisy but cool =)*)

Cheesehead With Sticks said...

I think I remember reading on the Harlot's page last week that the books that were preordered will really ship faster than they say. She didn't quiet understand the reasoning of it either. I'm sure it won't take that long to get your book.

Are you doing two socks at once on the options? I love mine for my socks - but two at a time does get a bit crowded.

Lanea said...

I think the recent financial trouble in mega-bookland is affecting shipping times. I ordered some CDs from Amazon, and all of them are in stock, but won't be sent for weeks. Makes me want to strangle someone. But we no longer have music shops in DC since Tower died, so I'm stuck. Grrrrr.
Do you listen to the Carolina Chocolate Drops? You should.

Julie said...

I've quit ordering from Amazon since the last two or three knitting-book purchases all resulted in several-month wait times. I ordered things they said were IN STOCK, and then got e-mail informing me they weren't and it would be about two weeks before they shipped. And it was always more like six weeks. I'm done.

www.powells.com is nice.

Mary Lynn said...

I order from Amazon all the time . . . textbooks for the never ending process by which professors require texts that you never open . . . and many other books. The textbooks are generally ordered from Independents (and I also sell my textbooks on Amazon . . . anyone looking to buy a text on Innovation and the Manager?). Those generally take a tad longer.

I do know that if you check the box for the lowest possible shipping cost AND if one of your books will not be shipped (i.e., it has not been published yet) for several weeks/months, your entire order may end up WAITING until all items are available. They are working on this issue and I do believe the corrective action is that they are supposed to do a 'Pop-up' which points this out.

Anyway, several weeks ago I ordered Happy Feet which is scheduled to be released tomorrow and I received it YESTERDAY.

I love my Knitpicks! I have now ordered the complete set (my Christmas present to myself) and sizes 1, 2 and 3 for socks in various length cables . . . I'm looking to learn how to soar. If my DH ever really discovers the value of my stash/needle supply, he would not be so cavalier about my "little hobby." On the other hand, he might bring up the idea that I could knit on those big old plastic jobbers that his Mom gave me. Ewwww.