Thursday, March 22, 2007

My socks are sorta famous!

One of the Chicago TV stations came out to a Monday night contra dance and filmed a little segment. There's a part near the end, about three-fourths of the way through, where the cameraman filmed lots of feet ... and you can see our friend Jeffrey's bartered socks moving across the screen from right to left (on his feet; the socks are not moving by themselves.)
Check it out!
And no, the Fool and I were running late that night and did not get on camera.
Off to the Pigtown Fling tomorrow!


Eldronius said...

Ah! That looks like so much fun...and good exercise, too :)

I just finalized my dates for a vacation trip to Chicago. Too bad I will not be there on a Monday night to enjoy that! (Not that I would have time, but it is nice to think about it, haha.)

And gratz on the almost-famous socks.

Jen & Matt said...

Yeah, Matt showed me this video earlier this week... But only because you can see him "sitting one out" and talking in the background in one shot. :)

meg said...

Eldronius - need tour guides, yarn crawl suggestions, restaurant hints? Let us know....