Thursday, March 15, 2007


Off to Washington, DC Friday. Can't wait. I haven't figured out what knitting to take, though.


hugs said...

You should take that hat with the bird on top of it from the folk hat book.

jill said...

Bring something that wards off rain - it's pretty wet here!

GaiaGal said...

Not just wet, it's due to turn to snow. Well, closer to the PA border it is, for sure. UGH!


Lanea said...

Wheeee! See you at the Birchmere.

Anonymous said...

ah, the birchmere...

best damn place for live music in the dc area!

spouse and I had our first date there in 1991.

some of the acts we saw during our years in dc - michael nesmith (yes, THAT michael nesmith), junior brown, al stewart, the bacon brothers (yes, KEVIN BACON - a good philly boy), allison moorer, jerry jeff walker, the texas tornados.

lucky you!

but I hope you made it thru all our east coast cruddy weather!

anne marie in philly