Monday, March 05, 2007

Monday miscellany

Before I get to the good stuff (wool! Show us wool!) I truly appreciate all the good and kind thoughts sent in the direction of me and my family by everyone. For me, it's been up-and-down, which I expected, and knowing there are so many friends out there makes it easier to weather the low spots.

1. Aside from a brief fling with a baby hat, I have been knitting this cardigan. Out of rust-colored Blackwater Abbey. I hope to debut it when I visit Washington DC in ... urp ... two weeks.
Um .... I hope to knit it on the plane en route to Washington DC in two weeks. That's better. I've got one sleeve done, plus about 11 inches of the body, which leaves ... a lot of sweater to knit.

2. Two of my wonderful coworkers brought me a present today to welcome me back to the office after a week away dealing with Miserable Family Matters. There is wine, and tea, and a romantic comedy with Hugh Grant and a bunch of homemade cookies. And ... see that in the front? It's a ball of sock yarn. Bought for me by a muggle.
Nikki went to the yarn shop near our office, where she knows I tend to leave money, and explained that she did not knit, but knew someone who did and needed help picking out a present. The woman working asked what my name was. She looked me up in the computer and remembered that I had been in on Tuesday and bought "No Sheep For You." Although I'm not wool-averse, she steered Nikki right over to the Tofutsies, which I have been fondling for about a month now, and I have yarn to make a really, super-cheery pair of socks that already remind me of tulips and crocuses and sunshine.
It is making me seriously rethink my "one pair of socks at a time" rule.

3. No Sheep For You is just dandy by me.
Major sweater lust. Once that Blackwater Abbey cardigan is off my list, I think I'll be embarking on something new, maybe in that cotton-linen stuff KnitPicks has just started selling.
There's another gorgeous sweater, a complicated-looking Aran with lots of twisty stitches (and I loves me some complicated Aran knitting), but it's knit in Rowan Calmer, and I looked that up and ... it's a little rich for my blood. Nevertheless, I must knit this sweater. Jenna Wilson designed it, and, well, I'd knit just about anything she designed, even if it's named "Morrigan," which should be a warning sign, much in the same way a sweater pattern named "Beelzebub" ought to alarm most people.

4. The Fool has been wonderfully supportive. He called his office last week and offered to "work at home," so he could keep me company while I got things organized and otherwise shrumped around the house like a big, mopey owl. This is what he looks like while he's working at home. He swears he is "on a conference call," and had to sit by the window to "get better cell phone reception." Whatever.


GaiaGal said...

Oh, it's so wonderful to have such astute Muggle friends who know just how to instantly cheer you up. I think they must care for you an awful lot!

Yeah. I've seen conference calls before. That's one of the most serious kinds of conference calls i've ever seen! Hope The Fool got that all worked out. ;)

We were just in D.C. on Sunday, accidentally. I've posted pics to prove it. LOL!


Bridget said...

I'm going to make note of this for my next conference call ...

I think you'll enjoy the movie, it's one of those that is just fun, no "deep" message that you have to pay attention to ...

I hope you'll post pictures of your Tofutsie socks once you get started.

Barbara said...

Tofutsies is great! Iam working on my second pair of them. The first pair I knit for my g/f and had what appears to be half a skein left over.

Have fun with it.

Lanea said...

Coming to DC, eh? If you have some free time, put me on the list of people who will try to monopolize every second of it. I'm in the city all the time during the week, and I have a house full of wool in the suburbs.

But be careful listing The Morrigan and Beelzebub in the same sentence, though. The Morrigan is a pal of mine, and I have to say She's gotten an unfairly bad rap. I mean sure, she's been tough on some guys she dated, but who hasn't?

the fiddlin' fool said...

My guess is that she was referring more to the Irish goddess rather than to your friend... who I'm sure is way cool.

Eldronius said...

Ah that is a wonderful idea your friends had with the gifts.

I hope you enjoy the Tofutsies yarn. I am actually knitting a pair of socks with them right now, and I love it! The colors just make me smile inside everytime I take a moment to examine the progress of my work. I can't wait to see what you make of it.

meg said...

Oh - I get what Lanea is on about ... heehee. I'll explain when you're older, sweetie.

JustApril said...

What great gifts! Green tea and mint mmmmmmm - one of my fav combos. It's cool that your LYS knew which way to steer your muggle buddy - computers help and all, but someone had to notice you feeling the Tofutsies =)

JaymeKnits said...

I'm up for a knitting night in DC if you have time too. We can do our best to reenact Rhinebeck with a yarn crawl and lots of knitting and talking.