Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Extermiknit! Extermiknit!

My friend David in Arizona is a bit of a science-fiction fan, especially the current Dr. Who series on the BBC.
So when I found a pattern for a knitted Dalek on Ravelry, I decided he needed one.

I printed out the pattern, noticed it requires a whole bunch of bobbles - maybe three dozen or so? - knit in a contrasting color, and sort of hid from it for a while, because, well, that's not something that sounds like a great time.
I find bobbles a pain in the neck at the best of times and having to carry two colors didn't sound like more fun.
But in August, about an hour after my water broke, I decided I would cast on the Dalek while waiting for labor to start. I think my reasoning (which might have been a little off-center) was that annoying, fiddly knitting would help me keep my mind off the contractions, which were getting stronger.
I sat around most of the afternoon, drinking water and knitting bobbles, and trying not to get too excited about things.
Finally, after dinner, I finished the bobbly part of the Dalek, and right about then, lost interest in knitting for the evening and for several days thereafter.
Nothing motivates like a deadline, so I decided to finish the thing for Christmas, which worked pretty well. I shipped it off to Arizona. David liked it - it made him laugh - which I'm glad of. That was my goal. He suggested I could make these and sell them, which I really can't, because it's not my pattern.
Instead, he can enjoy the fact that he has an extremely limited edition of one Dalek, because even if I were to get pregnant again, I'm not casting another one of these things on.
Happy New Year, everyone.


ColorJoy LynnH said...

I just stopped by to wish all three of you the very best 2009 you could have. May you experience happiness, abundance and good health.

LynnH in Lansing, MI

JustApril said...

That's hilarious, a knitted Dalek! awesome