Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Today, Jamie and I went to the JC Penney Portrait Studio for his holiday picture. The Fool was on the phone with his mom last week, not-so-subtly asking her for gift ideas.

FOOL: Oh, a family portrait? We would have time to do that, sure. We could get that done by Christmas.
FOOL: Just Jamie? Uh, sure. That's fine too.
ME: What are we?
FOOL: (aside) chopped liver.

Anyway, Jamie, despite needing a nap, put up with the goings on with remarkable good humor and was kind enough to smile several times, so we have one more gift crossed off the list. Two more, actually, as Grandpa Fool is also getting a picture of his grandson.

We put up a tree the other night. Angus was delighted. He had no idea that we celebrated the holiday by bringing a tree into the house, setting it in a dish of drinking water and then hanging it with cat toys.

I bound this off the other night, and just have to weave in a couple ends and package it up for a friend in Minnesota. It's killing me not to run out to the yarn store, buy two more balls of Silk Garden and start another for ... well, someone with a neck, I suppose. Two balls of Noro Silk Garden, two rows each, alternating balls ... directions all over the knitting blogosphere.

Now I'm trying to finish socks. I frogged this, which was supposed to be Embossed Leaves, but turned out to be nothing distinguished at all, and am doing a wavy lace thing instead. More pictures later. Jamie is howling and we think he wants to eat.

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