Friday, December 05, 2008

KnitML and Life

When I told Meg about the release of KnitML 0.4 last week, she asked me, "Does it do anything useful yet?"

"What do you mean by useful?" I replied. "Being able to render patterns in Spanish is quite useful!"

"Well, not to me," was the answer. "I mean, does it allow me to change a pattern's gauge to my gauge yet?"

"Well, you see..."

"It doesn't, does it?"

"Well, no. See..." I stammered, "that's not the purpose of the software. It is trying to lay the foundation for other software to do that."


Anyways, so I set about to remedy this situation. Meg, dearest, love of my life, mother of my child... I give you Gauge Transformer 0.1.

1 I would like to point out that she has been very supportive of the effort I've put into KnitML, even if she doesn't really understand what it is I am doing.

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