Saturday, February 07, 2009

Festive folk

It's the University of Chicago Folk Fest this weekend (if you're in town, come on out! Today and tomorrow.) Rachel and I ran the artists' green room last night; we'll do the same tonight. The Fool wore Jamie around, who slept in the sling when he was tired, visited with people when he was awake, practiced crawling, flirted with college women and listened to lots of music. I Cajun danced with Edward, helped with Jamie when necessary ... and most exciting?
Started to teach Rachel how to knit socks.
I'm showing her how to do it on dpns, because they're cheap and readily available, but she might be a 2-circs knitter at heart. We cast on, joined without twisting and worked on the cuff off a tiny little practice sock last night.
Tonight, I think we'll turn the heel and pick up for the gusset.
OK - off to toss my bean and barley salad (not a euphemism) and then back to campus.


Anonymous said...

Oh, you're back. Glad to hear you made it safe and sound. And that bean and barley salad sounds really yummy. Have fun at the folk fest!

Abby said...

Hey, Meg! Welcome back.
You know, when I saw what a lovely time you were having in Hawaii, I wondered what it would be like to re-enter Illinois winter.
But this sounds like a good way to be welcomed back. Music, dancing, food, friends... Sounds great.