Monday, February 09, 2009

Rachel knat a sack!

Sorry. Inside joke. My friend Adina asked what the proper past tense of "knit" was. We decided it ought to be "knat," or depending on how the knitting went, maybe "knot."
And it wasn't a sack, it was her first sock!
Rachel and I ran the green room for the University of Chicago Folk Festival this past weekend, and one of the cold truths of show biz is that there's a lot of down time. It's why I learned to knit in the first place - being the house manager for folk concerts leaves a person with a lot of sitting-around time.
Anyway, she said she wanted to learn how to make socks. So I brought two sets of dpns and some spare yarn and showed her how. We knit tiny little socks. Rachel's fit Jamie fine, so she's going to make him a second one. As it is winter, he can use woolly socks.

Here it is! On a foot, so we know it works. Yay Rachel! She just placed a KnitPicks order, so I think we got her.
In addition to this, it was a great festival. Jamie was very even-keeled throughout the whole weekend, basically only fussing at us when he wanted something - feeding, a new diaper, a change of scenery. He practiced his crawling in the green room, chewed on great Chicago fiddler Liz Carroll (at least he has good taste, the Fool remarked. And at least Liz has kids, so she's used to this kind of thing, I said) and visited with lots of contra dance and music friends. He bit a couple noses, giggled at peoples' funny faces and grabbed eyeglasses.
The Fool got to play many tunes with Quebecois fiddler Lisa Ornstein at the party and in the green room, which was a great thrill for him. He's admired her for a long time and had a great time getting to know her better.

This picture makes me a little crazy, compositionally speaking. Lisa is to the right, the Fool is to the left, and our friend Jeffrey, who is not really relevant to the action other than to be standing in the middle is smack dab in the center of my photo, possibly even staring at the camera. Sigh. I've been working so hard on taking better pictures....

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Rachel said...

J's response to the picture i took (of him and jaime, not fiddling) was "wow, that makes me look fat"