Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Must improve the quality of couch literature

By that, I mean the assortment of magazines and books scattered on or near the couch, which I reach for when Jamie settles in to nurse for a good long time, especially if it looks like one of those meals he's going to fall asleep after, rather than a quick snack.
I was reading a borrowed copy of Mason-Dixon Knitting (the first book) and got sucked into the mesmerizing photos of log cabin whatnots and cotton what-have-yous, and before I knew it, I was actually thinking it might be a smart and useful thing to knit a rug.
A rug.
Therein lies madness.
The way I got the Fool to knit was by whining about a (boring and tedious) rug I was making in (mind-numbing) garter stitch with doubled strands of (hard to manage) cotton. Somehow, I think if I started a second rug, he wouldn't fall for it again.
Luckily, Jamie nodded off and I slipped him from my lap onto a cozy floor nest of quilts and blankets, where he sleeps still, and I have not run out to buy enough of anything to knit a rug.

In other news, Rachel continues on with her second sock. She's knitting it on two circulars, having decided dpns are not her thing, and it's going well. She just finished decreasing for the gusset. We're knitting this together through a string of in-person encounters spaced out with text messages in between and occasional phone calls, where either the Fool or I answer questions.
Yesterday, she texted me from class to report that she had dropped a couple stitches and didn't know how to pick them up, and couldn't call me from class to ask.
So I emailed her a link to a video on how to pick up stitches.
She called later to say she'd spent hours that day trying to figure out how to pick up a dropped purl stitch from the video, which only showed how to pick up dropped knit stitches. Then, after beating away at this problem, she realized ... if she turned the knitting around, she'd be picking up a knit stitch on the back side, which is a purl on the front side.
Frustrating in the utmost, considering how much time she spent messing around until this occurred to her, but I was very pleased because she figured it out on her own and a good chunk of knitting is figuring out problems.
Anyway, we are playing for a dance she is calling tomorrow night, so I'm going to try to remember to get a picture of her sock to show you all. It's from the KnitPicks self striping yarn, and it's very soft and the colors are great.


Janice said...

RE the issue of cats/babies and skeins of yarn not mixing, have you considering putting skeins into a tupperware-type container w/ a hole in the lid from which the working end would emerge? Would definitely make the yarn less accessible and unattractive to Angus and Jamie.

My two cents' contribution for the day!

Lanea said...

So, what are you trying to say about rug making, huh? HUH?!