Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Knitting in Hawaii

I realized I never wrote about the fibery aspects of the trip. For all the jokes that are made about not needing sweaters in Hawaii - I think those only apply to people who don't live there.
The Fool observed that the tourists were the ones going around in shorts in the 70-degree weather, whereas the natives were all wearing long pants.
We did manage to visit some yarn stores, besides the one the Fool mentioned. They sell a fair amount of novelty yarn - but then again, knitters and crocheters in Hawaii make these - yarn leis - and they make novelty yarn look pretty darn good, I think.

Here's a selection hanging on the wall at Yarn and Friends (which is incongrously located in a medical building and which we managed to fail to visit twice times because once, it was closed on the day we were there, and a second time, the shop closed early for some reason. But the third time was the charm.)

A closeup of the crocheted leis.

And another. The shop owner offered to show me how to do it if I knew how to crochet, but unfortunately, I don't. Got a souvenir skein of dishcloth cotton instead.

Then it was on to Isle Knit, located on the 14th floor of an office building. It's a tiny little shop, but a really nice owner and full of lots of fun things. A ball of sock yarn followed the Fool home, and the pattern for this little guy followed me home. (The gecko. Not the baby. I know how to make babies.)

Hawaii has lots of geckos everywhere. We had two that lived in the house with us and kept scooting off under the microwave when I tried to show them to Jamie. The first time the Fool and I visited, the year after we were married, he was stunned to see a gecko scampering around on the wall of a Thai restaurant and everyone else basically ignoring it.
Finally, these are the friendly knitters of the Honolulu Stitch 'n' Bitch.

They meet at Ward Center on Thursday nights and have a Ravelry group where you can figure out how to meet them yourself if you are inclined. We got lots of tips on where to go and what to do, including how to find a beach where sea turtles sunned themselves.

It's a gray rainy day here. All I see when I look out the window are tree branches that came down over the winter (expect a blog post on wood cutting as soon as it warms up for good.) In a little bit, Jamie and I are heading into the city for an Irish set dance gig with the Fool and Edward, but meanwhile, Angus wants you to all see what a good babysitter he is, watching Jamie nap.


anne marie in philly said...

no nipping jamie in his sleep, mr. angus!

PICAdrienne said...

Looks like Angus missed his baby when you were gone.

meg said...

Angus says, "How am I supposed to keep the little wiggler in line if I can't bite him once in a while?"

JustApril said...

Geckos are my favorite little lizard things. They are supposed to be excellent at insect control. We have our own little gecko nest in the garage and they play on the windows at night chasing bugs (outside) there's one inside somewhere too.

Jamie is so cute =)

Lanea said...

Awww, Angus. Way to behave, buddy.

Why did fun-fur leis never occur to me? It does seem to be the ideal use of the stuff.