Friday, June 05, 2009

"Nice shawl, huh?"

"Wouldn't it be nicer, with, say, a little cat hair on it...."

So asked Romeo while I was trying to unblock the shawl yesterday. The insult-to-injury part was when he kept rolling back and forth, biting my hand as I unpinned it.

Artsy black and white shot. The subject is still the same. Big hairy cat rolling around on my shawl.

The Fool and Jamie and I are off to Ann Arbor for a wedding this weekend. I'm really looking forward to getting out of town, checking out a new farmer's market, eating some delicious things, hanging out with friends ... all the fun stuff.

I got crazy and made Jamie a shirt from "Weekend Sewing," which I will sew the buttons onto in the car. That book really makes sewing much more fun for me than it was before. I could see getting into this. And the directions are so much better than the ones that come with patterns.

For car knitting, I have a bag of partly finished socks, and I think I'll just knit on them until they're all done. I'm afraid one sock won't quite make it to the toe without running out of yarn, so it's going to get an attractive contrasting toe of some kind.

We also looked under our bed and found everything we have been missing for weeks, nay, months. I found my favorite nursing bra, I found an outfit of Jamie's that I'd been looking for, I found a sock I knit and lost before I could knit the second (a new low in losing track of things) ... it was amazing. From now on, when I can't find stuff, I'm looking under the bed. The sock irked me the most, because it was great yarn and it came out really well. I'll put up pictures when the second one makes it on the needles.

Back to packing. For someone so small, Jamie requires an exponential increase in car luggage when we travel.


Leslie said...

Everything is better with cat hair!

anne marie in philly said...

I second leslie!

"it ain't finished unless it has a liberal sprinkling of cat fur in a contrasting color to the completed item", meows steven (black) and meredith (gray/silver) in unison.

Anonymous said...

Oh, your other bleaders are much nicer than I am! I tend to pick up and (gently) toss AJ when she does things akin to Romeo's behavior. -- Susan