Friday, June 12, 2009

Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me

My view of the show. We remarked that it was a lot like listening to it on the radio, except sitting outside with thousands of other people.

We're fans, chez Sock Knitters, of this public radio quiz show, and so whenever they do a free live taping, we try to be there. Last night, they taped in Millennium Park in downtown Chicago, and so around 3 p.m., Jamie and I got on a train, rode downtown, ran a quick errand at an art supply store, met the Fool, bought salads for dinner, and met up with our friends.
It's been cool and wet here this summer, and it rained for most of yesterday. Even though we had a rain plan, the weather broke and we were able to enjoy - with the help of tarps - a picnic with friends and the show. Jamie was especially interested in a carton of fresh apricots that were brought for sharing. His verdict? Small and nice to hold, and also good to eat.
It was so cold, however, that Chelsea was wearing her wool socks, handknit by Rachel (who you've met here before.) I took the picture so Rachel could see that Chelsea is showing the socks a good time, not just stuffing them in her shoes for hours on end.
CalicoSarah, our Ravelry friend, stopped by to say hello, too, and we compared sock knitting projects until Jamie decided to start grabbing for needles.

KnitPicks yarn, Broadripple pattern, I think?

Jamie had a four-hour nap yesterday, so he got up at 6:30 a.m. today. But he fell asleep again at 8:30 a.m., so I have no idea what's going on. We're checking out a new playgroup today. It's through a local group of moms interested in natural health, green living, that kind of crunchy granola stuff. I've been assured that they're fun people; I asked a woman I know who's been to these what's appropriate to bring for the potluck snack portion, and she rattled off a few typical healthy choices - but then she said, "I think if you wanted to bring a pitcher of margaritas, everyone would be cool with that, too."
I'm playing it safe, and bringing everyone's favorite neo-hippie, gluten- and dairy-free treat ... hummus! With sliced cucumbers!
Wish me luck; I feel like I'm going on a blind date.


CathyR said...

We love that show too and have seen it a couple of times at the Chase auditorium. It would have been fun to see it in the park.

Good luck with your new playgroup.

RNY said...

I noticed the bags of Garrett's popcorn. Yours? If so, I approve. I know--Emily approving of cheese popcorn--shocking!

meg said...

That is exactly what it is - two bags of Garrett's popcorn that my friend Karen brought. One caramel-and-cheese mix and one plain buttered one, which we decided was far inferior.