Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Too hot to think of a title

The Fool and I had a reckoning with the contents of the fridge Sunday night and all of a sudden, we found where all the good Tupperware went. Eek. We were jockeying the leftovers from the Midsummer's party into place when we realized matters were dire.
(Good party, btw. We were pleased. I was especially pleased because I resisted the urge to add six additional dishes at the last minute and drive myself crazy.)
Anyway, it was a good weekend, even though the Internet was down intermittently for several days. On one hand, it made it hard for me to work on stuff for this fiber festival I'm volunteering for, but on the other hand, it also made it harder to waste time goofing around online.

It also brought you the following conversation:
FOOL: I would have biked to the train station today if I'd known it wasn't going to rain.
ME: Why didn't you check the weather this morning?
FOOL: Internet's down.
ME: We have a radio. And a television.
FOOL: (silence.) Um. I don't really know how to work that.
ME: ???

He pointed out that to use the radio and TV to learn the weather forecast, you have to find the right station and then hang around until they give you the weather, and ....
It reminded me of a talk I had with my father when he visited my junior year of college and stayed at the duplex I was sharing with two other girls.
DAD: Where's the microwave?
ME: We don't have one.
DAD: You don't have one?
ME: No.
DAD: How do you heat up water for tea? (immediate, "I can't believe I just said that" expression.)
ME: Well, Dad, this is a kettle, and we fill it with water and put it on the stove, which is this big box over here with the buttons along the back and then ....
DAD: Smartass.
ME: At least I know how to boil water.

Anyway, the cable guy came out and reported that the problem seemed to be with their hardware, but just to make sure, he would replace the cable that runs from their box to our house. He told us it seemed like something had been chewing on it.
The Fool believes the Gerries are trying to prevent us from slandering them online.
I say that if the cable company would bury their lines like they're supposed to, then nobody would chew on them.
After that excitement, our dryer broke down early Monday morning. Sigh. I can't in any good conscience blame the woodchucks for that, either. I think it's the age of the dryer. The Fool was delighted to find a repair company that specializes in "vintage dryers." I'm just happy the rain has stopped long enough for me to hang out all the wet laundry.
Been knitting socks. My drive to finish projects ended when I cast on a feather-and-fan sock out of madly variegated yarn today. I told Thorny over the weekend that someone needs to sit on me next time I try to buy crazy variegated yarn. I love it in the skein, but it's so challenging to knit.
If I had more needles, I'd cast on more socks, I'm afraid.
Poor Jamie. He spent a couple minutes today trying to play peek-a-boo with Angus, but Angus is not impressed.


Stephenson! said...

Well, if The Fool *must* get the weather by more geeky, technological methods, there's Google SMS. Text Weather XXXXX where the X bit is the zip code to 46645 ("googl"). He'll get a text with the weather. But it *would* increase his novelty if he were to learn how to use the TV and radio.

the fiddlin' fool said...

Mr. Stephenson: I can tell you when the next bus is arriving.
Me: So can I. See, there's this thing called a bus schedule, and it's posted here at the bus stop...
Mr. Stephenson: Crap, I can't seem to get a connection!

Lanea said...

Evil, evil rodents. I would hunt them, cook them, and eat them.

And, also, microwaves are horrible tea-making devices! Horrible! They do it all wrong, every time.

Anonymous said...

Too hot here too. I keep thinking the boys really should play outside, but that would mean I really should sit and watch them to make sure they don't kill each other or someone steals them or something, and when I just go out there and stand, in the shade, I can feel the sweat drip. Uck. They're in the basement watching something.

I wish my sister had known about that vintage repair shop. She got rid of her oven a couple years ago. It had come with the house. When it finally died, or she was sick to death of it, she called the guys to come and take it away when they brought the new one. She had moved it away from the wall, and there was a metal tag on the back, naming the company and saying something along the lines of "Proudly made for Mary Smith of Blah-ty-blah, IL".

meg said...

yarndork: If your sister ever needs an appliance repair guy, I'd totally recommend these people. They called before they showed up, they showed up within the time window they said they would and they gave me a discount for being a repeat customer. (My "vintage" dryer is looking better and better, b/c when I was waiting for them, I googled new dryers. Criminy! Had no idea!)