Friday, June 26, 2009


It has been a trying week chez Sock Knitters. I don't know what it was - the heat, the hormones, a thousand small annoyances - but I'm glad things turned around.*
Today, Jamie and I went to the local crunchy moms' playgroup. They're nice people, although in chatting with one, she remarked that she's been in a bit of a mood too this week, which she credits in part to the digestive system cleanse she is on. She was explaining what she's been drinking for 10 days now and how her body has been reacting, and let me just say that if I were doing that, I would not have time to go to playgroup, because I would be too busy looking for places to hide the bodies. I couldn't help but think that if she ate something, that might take the edge off, but, eh, not my colon.**
I'm glad she finds it rejuvanating.
Jamie had a great time.
The host mom put out a wading pool, so he puddled in that for a while. Then he crawled down the porch steps and we went for a ride in a swing hanging from a tree. Then the big friendly dog came over and snuffled at me and licked my cheek while Jamie shrieked with laughter, and then we practiced walking barefoot in the grass and ate some watermelon and blueberries.
Honestly, I think everyone should get a day like that.
This afternoon, I went back to the eye doctor. I have an infection in my right eye and I've been wearing my glasses all week and squinting into the sun when I drive and muttering about smeary fingerprints on the lenses and fooling around with eye drops, and this has not made me cheerful. (Annoyances #756-761.)
Jamie was parked in his stroller by the sink, banging the cabinet door happily, and I was knitting a sock when she came in. We had this talk:

DOCTOR: Oh, what are you making?
ME: A sock.
DOCTOR: What else do you knit?
ME: Uh, well, most things. I make sweaters sometimes, and hats, and occasionally a fancy dishcloth, but I like socks because they're portable.
DOCTOR: (Carries on with eye doctor stuff.) Is that yarn different colors, or are you changing yarn as you knit?
ME: It's variegated yarn - I'm too lazy to do it the other way. So, um, do you knit too? (thinking
she is showing a lot of interest in my knitting for a Muggle.)
DOCTOR: No, but I've been thinking I'd like to learn how to do something with my hands like that.
ME: You know, there's a knitting group that meets at the Panera across the street on Friday nights.
DOCTOR: Really?
ME: Yes. (Aside: I love how people say that, like I'm going to say, 'Aw, no, I'm just kidding. A knitting group? Come on.')
DOCTOR: Do you charge money?
ME: Uh, no. We meet at Panera and sit and knit.
DOCTOR: At a big table?
ME: Well, there's at least a half dozen people, so, yeah, a big table. We get there around 6, 6:30 p.m. and we knit until they kick us out.
DOCTOR: Really? So I could come after work some time?
ME: Yes, you could, and I bet someone would show you how to knit.
So she has my email and I told her if she was going to come, to drop me a line, and I would bring some extra needles and yarn to teach her with.
Here's the socks that helped net a convert.
Feather-and-fan, oh, how I love thee, feather-and-fan, turning goofy pooling variegated yarns into organized stripes. I'm even going to knit a short row heel so I don't interrupt the nifty striping thing going on. It's made of Blackberry Ridge wool in the Tropical Fish colorway, and I bought it one winter when I was sick with a cold, (so judgment was impaired) and needed to look at something colorful.

* Things that helped turn the week around: Iced coffee with skim milk and one packet turbinado sugar; great garage sale deal wherein I got two Jamie-sized playground balls, a cute outfit and a bucket of baby-sized cars that hook together into trains for $7; the eggplant in the fridge we are going to slice, grill and serve with balsamic vinegar and bread crumbs sauteed with garlic and red pepper.

** We were discussing cooking at playgroup, and I mentioned that last night, we made Cajun shrimp with corn flapjacks, and this woman and another mom asked me to share the recipe. I thought to myself, "I bet if I said I'd sauteed our dishtowels in motor oil for dinner, that would have sounded good to someone who has had no solid food for a week."

Random addendum:

Squee! Babies! The Dad Pit from the Midsummer's Party, where all the various dads hung out on the rug with their babies while the moms took pictures. Jamie is the oldest, but not the biggest, of the bunch.

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Anonymous said...

Jamie ate blueberries? That's totally cool. I remember the first time I gave one of the boys, can't remember which one, blueberries. He had tried grapes before, but those were always cut in half. There was something about those little round firm balls that made him balk. He would roll them around the tray, then put one in his mouth, and roll it around in there with his tongue, then take it out and look at it again. Like "Mom are you seriously letting me put this teeny ball in my mouth? Aren't you afraid I'm gonna choke?" This may have been the same kid who, upon being given an apple, proceeded to eat about half the apple. We were apple picking, and sort of lost track of him in the stroller, and forgot about him for a while, and looked down and the entire bottom half of the apple was gone. Core, icky thing on the bottom, seeds, all of it. Forgot to tell him not to eat that part.