Thursday, June 11, 2009

Random Wednesday, um, Thursday

Flowers at the farmers' market.

1. One of the Gerries came up on the front porch yesterday to bang around. Not a Weegee, more of a Medium-Sized Gerry. All four cats were very concerned; took turns looking through the window at him. No idea what he wanted. Fresh additions to the compost heap? A cup of tea? Wood to chuck?

2. Someone ate the parsley out of the garden. Mrrf.

3. It's probably a Gerry. Because I see one in there right now, even though it is pouring down rain and I put a big heap of potato peelings and a handful of rotten Bing cherries in the compost bin. Let the friendly groundhog blogging cease....

4. We all went to wonderful Ann Arbor over the weekend. What a fun city. Lots of walking around, eating strawberries from the farmer's market, poking in used bookstores, eating wonderful food, visiting yarn stores and going to our friends' wedding.

The farmers' market. Strawberries and Amish fried pies for breakfast.

Happy sheep in the window of Zingerman's.

One of the yarn stores had a rocking sheep. Jamie and the Fool played with that while I bought a skein of sock yarn and two skeins of dishcloth cotton. Some friends are moving into a new house this month and I have it in my head that dishcloths make quick and easy housewarming gifts.

The wedding was great. One of the most relaxing weddings I've ever been to. It was at a park, and after the ceremony, people retired to a big shelter to eat, drink, play lawn games, have an old-time jam and generally hang around.

The Fool bowls at bocce ball.

The bride and groom dancing a first waltz together.

Icarus over a worn-out baby who is not only busy growing new teeth (ouch!) but trying to walk.

Worn out dad.

5. It's been raining all week, so no chance to take a good picture of Icarus. Soon. Tonight is the live taping of Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me downtown, and Jamie and I are going to brave the elements, bundle up and go ... I hope the rain lets up. Our friends have a backup plan, but Thai food for dinner is just not as much fun.

6. Been knitting socks like a madwoman.

7. Have I mentioned how much I love "Weekend Sewing"? Here's another project from that book, fabric from a local quilt shop, vintage buttons from Great-Grandma Fool's button box.

A closeup of the shirt I made. It's a little roomy on him, but that's OK. I'm trying to decide whether sewing has suddenly become so much fun because I have a cool book of projects to work with, because the author of the book has given me a lot of good tips to improve my sewing ... or because it means I get to go down in the basement all by myself for an hour and watch TV while I mess with pretty fabric. My friend Carrie, who has two kids, says it's the being left alone for an hour part.


blogless grace said...

I agree--it is the being left alone part. When I have a knitting/weaveing/spinning project that absolutely has to be done I pick a show that magically becomes my favorite. "I am going downstairs to watch my show and work on ___." No one bothers me for that hour. Lovely!

Thorny said...

So glad you explained what Jonathan is up to in the bocce ball picture. Because at first glance, it totally looks like he's about to go throw down with somebody, with the baby strapped to his back.

The arm, in particular, does not immediately suggest, "follow-through on a throw," but rather "gesture I made at the driver of a gold-colored Porsche SUV after he cut me off in traffic."

Sandy said...

I concur on the alone time. Very hard to come by with a little one. Ever harder when they are 8 and 5! lol
also how cute are Jamie and the fool bolwing? super cute!