Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Closing in on the toe

Okay, so this is taking some calculation. I have 78 sts on the sock currently (40 instep, 38 heel). Since 78 is not a multiple of 4, I'm guessing that I need to do the first round as a 2 st decrease instead of a 4 st decrease. Do I decrease on the instep or the sole side?

I'm also concerned that somehow my calculations are going to be wrong and this isn't going to fit. I should probably run a lifeline in case I have to frog back to 78, just for some insurance.

In other sock news, this entrelac sock class requires 6 colors! Wow... that's a lot of color. I think I'm going to do an autumnal design: red, yellow, brown, green, orange, maybe deep purple...

Well, back to work.

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Nowhere Nick said...

Thanks for your comment...It is good to hear from other knitters who have made the same mistakes. It sounds like you are doing some complicated stuff with socks. I attempted socks once and I really had to put them on the back burner. I got really confused when I got to the heel. I think I am ready to attempt it again, this time not reading ahead so much. I've been told that that is the worse thing you could do.