Saturday, May 14, 2005

First stranded sock done, entrelac socks started

So the first stranded sock is done. It was all knitted by Thursday morning, but it's grafted and off the needles now. I had to drop the needle size down to 1s to make the toe fit correctly (after having first done it on 2s... argh, frogging). There's also a small hole at the gusset, and the part between the 2 circulars puckers a bit more noticeably than elsewhere, but maybe if I block the heck out of it, it will be fine. Maybe I don't need to block at all, though, as the pucker disappears when I put it on.

The entrelac sock is coming along pretty well. The colors weren't quite what I was hoping for, but I had very little solid-colored sock yarn stash, so I was kind of at the mercy of what was available in the shop. I wanted to do autumnal colors, but it didn't quite turn out that way. I ended up with three different shades of green, the brown (same yarn from the stranded sock), the red from the Superman sock, and this rust-colored yellow wool/silk blend (I was hoping for a brighter yellow, but that really wasn't possible unless I wanted to go pastel... bleah). Of the three greens, my favorite is the dark-green 100% alpaca yarn. It's so soft and feels so wonderful on the needles. The other green is a blackish-green / white cotton blend that I think is going to end up being the main color. And the last green is this olivey-green felted tweed yarn that I'm not sure I like in this context.

It's really interesting to knit with so many different types of raw materials in the same sock. I hope my feet don't get confused about how much heat to trap. The striping work is interesting, too. I learned a few good tips about that from the class and ways to avoid the purl lines on the new color bleeding when you're doing ribbing.

So now I understand why entrelac can't be done on 2 circs. You have to work "between" the joints where the needles are so often, and knitting stitches from needle A onto needle B is impossible when you've only got 2 needles. You need the angle that a third can provide you to do that. Even if you could figure out a way to do it on 2 circs, it wouldn't buy you anything, as the needle transfer time isn't really the factor slowing you down. I guess some things are best knitted with traditional dpns.

Well, it's getting late, and it's definitely time to tear myself away from the entrelac rectangles.

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