Friday, May 27, 2005

More ruminants!

So now I'm knitting a llama for a friend. She got wind of the alpaca I made last week, and now she wants her own ruminant. I should start advertising soon.

In other news, I finally got past the gusset on fair isle sock #2, and while I still think I may have messed it up a bit, it's close enough. In retrospect, I think the salt-and-pepper heel was more trouble than it was worth. Next time, I think I will definitely do heel stitch, too. The plain stockinette version doesn't scrunch up at all, which leaves you either with a heel flap that's too long or a 3-stitch gusset on either side that's difficult to get your foot through.

I think I will fix my toe-up sock after I finish the fair isles to get that out of the way. Then the Columbine Peak socks, then the entrelac socks that I can't seem to get into my head in a satisfactory manner. Or perhaps the entrelac sock will simply be an "art" sock, without a buddy.

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mad angel said...

Entrelac socks ARE kind of a pain to make, but they are sooooo worth it! I made some out of my handspun a few years ago, and they are still one of my favorite pairs, very cushy and comforting on a cold day. Stick with it. Don't let that one sock be an only sock...although I suppose it COULD be a decent Christmas stocking. :-)

I don't get to see The Prodigals very often, but I just love them. Have all their CDs, and think Greg is just superb in every way. Very sorry they have recently lost Andrew Harkin, though. Have you heard the new fella yet? Does he have equal or better chops than Andrew? I hope I'll have a chance to hear for myself sometime soon.

Mostly, I'm a singer myself, with my most recent instrumental experience focusing on acoustic guitar. But in the past I have played recorders and bassoon. Though my training has been in the classical realm, I looooove rock, blues, Celtic, and all sorts of eclectic stuff.

Congrats on your felted llama, and keep up the great work on your socks!

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