Thursday, May 26, 2005

frustrations abound

For some reason, this second fair-isle sock is just killing me. This is now the third time I'm turning the heel. The first time I was having a lot of trouble using both colors, so the second time I just used the brown... but I should have done it on 1s instead of 2s, so the join on the side of the heel is really loose. A little bit of wear on any one of those exposed bars and the whole sock would be done for! So now I'm re-doing it on 1s. The heel flap as a bit too long, so I pulled a few rows off of that while I was at it. So the deadline is shot, but hey... stuff happens.

The last of my entrelac sock class was last night. I think the sock is going to be too tight, and I really don't care for the way I did the heel flap. Grr. The sock just isn't turning out the way I expected, maybe because I didn't know what to expect. I may end up ripping out back to the entrelac portion and adding a few stitches.

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