Friday, January 27, 2006

How Freaksome?

Yesterday afternoon, I finally got to the place on Rosemarkie where I get to do top, only to discover that I left the pattern at home. Extremely frustrating. Since I was spending the evening in town, I decided it would be worth it for me to run to a local Borders with the Celtic Collection in stock and peek at the book. Checking inventory online revealed that the local Borders didn't have it, but the one up at Water Tower Place did. Realizing that my time was limited and I had to be somewhere, I took an emergency bus run up Michigan Avenue, went darting across the plaza and up the stairs of the Borders there, only to be overwhelmed by knitting books in no particular order.

I finally found the book about five minutes later and jotted down the few lines in it that I needed. (Does this violate copyright laws?) Anyways, I dashed down the stairs, across the plaza, and over to the Red Line as fast as I could. I ended up getting where I had to be about 5 minutes early. The whole train ride I spent in an elevated state of being. Most of the time I spent fumbling around with the notes I took, scrawling numbers and equations on the notes, and punching the calculator with reckless abandon. I kept dropping things, including the papers, the calculator, the yarn, and my knitting bag. I'm sure that I was the designated freak of my train car.

The clincher is that I didn't end up knitting a stitch of the vest until after I got home.


Sockbug said...

Man, I love that online inventory checking at Borders! I wish BN would get that, too, especially since they never seem to have in stock what I want, anyways. Can't wait to see your finished product!

Aprilynne said...

LOL! I hate when that happens! My public freakiness is usually related to a sudden attack of the the tangling disease, though, although dropsy is pretty common, too. =)

Aidan said...

I invariably drop dps...usually the left-hand needle when I have finished knitting the stitches off it.

I completely relate to your day. And I assure you, the only reason you were the designated freak on the bus is because I was not on that particular bus!

Franklin said...

Now *that's* dedication.

And I know exactly what you mean about the knitting section at that store. I've never seen it in anything like decent order. You must have eagle eyes to have spotted the book.