Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Men's Knit Out

It was another great Stitches in Britches meeting last night. This time, there were six of us who came out to knit in public together. The Argo Tea Café proved to be a good venue, as there was plenty of room and the noise wasn't too awful (though the occasional sound of the espresso machine did pause conversation more than once). We got the passing glance a couple of times and the frequent supportive comment from other patrons. Franklin tells the full story quite eloquently.

Rosemarkie is starting to drive me batty. I'm at the point in the project where I'm really close to closing the top, but every time I check to see if I'm ready, I'm not. I've been measuring how far I have to go over the past few days, and I'm still 1/2 inch short. I guess I should remember the old addage, "A watched pot never boils" and apply it to knitting: "A measured garment never grows." I'm within a few rounds of doing the top, though, so it will be really soon.

This will be where it gets interesting. I will have to get out my calculator and figure out how exactly this is going to work, since my gauge is quite different than what the pattern calls for. I don't want to make the neck too large, but I don't want it to be too small, either. I also want to have enough stitches across the shoulders, but not so many that they are falling off. I guess this is why they say gauge is so important. Otherwise, it's loads of calculations in all directions.


Kenny said...

I totally understand the whole mesauring part. I can't ever seem to get the exact measurement and knit and knit and then have to unknit and unknit.

Chery said...

I love the name you call your group! It's wonderful.