Sunday, January 22, 2006

Knitting Shorts

Just the other day, Aidan found the short film The Knit Club on the Internet. All I have to say is... wow. I think my favorite part of the film is this: "As the Knit Club became more popular, even the Sewing Club tried to intimidate us..." followed by a shot of thugs beating the crap out of the guy. Some of the other films on that site are excellent as well.

Then there is this, a movie which illustrates how people from very different backgrounds can come together to share a common interest. It also suggests that the projects that they choose somehow relate to memories of their childhood. An interesting idea. I imagine there is truth to the whole "you knit how you are" philosophy.

I don't think our group will evolve into either an underground group where men gather around their favorite competitor to cheer them on, or a group where we only knit things that relate to our childhood. I imagine we'll be like most other knitting groups across the country, simply a gathering place to hang out, talk, share ideas, and have a good time.

I bet you thought this post was actually about me knitting a pair of shorts.


Celtic Knitter said...

yeah, I was thinking that a pair of knitted shorts might be a little hot to wear. :)

Sockbug said...

This is hysterically funny! Especially if you scroll back and read Meg's entry from Thursday where she comes up with the same idea!!!

Aprilynne said...

You could always knit shorts with cotton - you could even use the knitpicks SHINE so they look like those shiny shorts the boxers wear! Sounds like something we might see in a Stitchy McYarnpants post. (run away!)

Kenny said...

Interesting, I'll take a look when I get home.

Franklin said...

Please knit a pair of shorts.