Sunday, January 08, 2006

Toe-Up Socks

This was the first pair of socks I started for my feet. These were finished at one point, but the first sock was so large for my foot that it was unwearable, so I snipped off the top and frogged back to the gusset.

Following Denise's Toe-Up Socks on Socknitters, I tried her cast-on and found it really uncomfortable and sort of ugly looking, so for sock #2, I used a provisional cast-on on the underside of the toe which I thought worked a lot better. Next time I will use a cable needle instead of waste yarn.

The gusset increases proved to be slightly annoying, and the whole back of the heel was even more annoying, as I was plucking a stitch off the instep on each go round. And the cast-off at the top of the sock looked sloppy. When I re-did sock #1, I frogged back to the point where I started the gusset increases and simply did an afterthought heel. It worked out so much better than the first time. What a difference a heel makes!

So... I haven't given up on toe-ups yet. I'm thinking about doing Cat Bordhi's Leaf and Tendril Socks for Meg, substituting out her heel for a pattern with no gusset increases. I'm never doing sock gusset increases again!


Aprilynne said...

Have you tried the short row toe ups yet? (not that I have) but from how they look, you end up with the right number of stitches when you are done with the toe. I love the short row heel so far, no decreases or increases at all - just short rows. It's awesome.

Kenny said...

Looks great though!!

Leslie said...

Great toe-up socks....that is next on my list of new knitting to try. I just love that all you guys are knitting.