Thursday, January 19, 2006

A knitter and a fiddler walk into a bar....

Last night, the Fool and I went to the Irish session at the Grafton. He was fiddling; I was hanging out with my friend Maura, talking and knitting a sock. We were sitting in the big picture windowsill listening to the music when this guy came up to ask what I was doing.
(Side note: The last time this happened, the guy was a software engineer from Poughkeepsie who was so mortified when he discovered I was married that he introduced himself to the Fool and apologized for hitting on me. So Maura and the Fool and I always anticipate high hilarity from guys in bars who want to talk about knitting.)
Instead, it turned out that this guy was himself a knitter, who had just finished his first project, a scarf, for his mom, for Christmas. She loved it, and so did he.
I told him about the new men's knitting group, and pulled the Fool out of the fiddle melee to meet him.
The conversation went sort of like this.
GUY: So, wow, what do you do at knitting club? (side note: I love how this comes out sounding kinda like "fight club.")
FOOL: Well, we sit around and knit and talk. About knitting and stuff.
GUY: Cool! But I'm not sure what I want to knit next ... wait, I think I want to learn how to do that! (points to my socks.)
E-mails were exchanged, and perhaps you'll be hearing more about him later.
Then I learned I don't get a recruitment bonus.

Debate continues in the household about whether to sign on to the Yarn Harlot's 2006 Knitting Olympics. Me, I'd finish Eris if I did it, and I'm not saying I will or won't .... The Fool? That's another story entirely.


Thorny said...

You know, somebody out there (I forget who, but could find it if you like) is doing a UFOlympics. You could join that for Eris.... :)

And I've officially joined. Put my hat in the ring and everything. Also think I found the right pattern last night. Now to swatch to make sure I can get gauge!

meg said...

Ooh, ooh, what pattern?! What yarn? Don't be such a tease.

Aidan said...

Great work, Meg! The more, the merrier. I love the "Fight Club" idea...maybe we should make our flyers a little more violent!

But thanks for the recruiting work. We really appreciate it. Keep it up!
Say! Maybe you'd like to be the head of our Ladies Auxillery!

dulcimist said...

You know, if you called it something like "knitting Bowl" you're bound to increase attendace.

-Andy (who's currently in class Tuesday nights, but hopes to make it to a violent evening of testosterone laden k2-ptog-tbl-lmnop sometime soon)