Monday, February 06, 2006

The 2006 Knitting Olympics

Well, I was going to knit a baby sweater with a hamster on the back for the 2006 Knitting Olympics, but it didn't seem like quite enough of a challenge. Sure, I've never knitted a baby sweater before, but 16 days, even with intarsia, just seems like a little too much free time. So at the suggestion of Meg, I will now be finishing my languishing UFOs. This includes the cabled and bobbled hat, the argyle socks, and Fiesta Feet. It may also include the Leaf and Tendril socks if I plow these three quickly. Since these projects are already cast on, the rule is that I cannot work on them until the flame is lit on Opening Night. This will be good, I think. Some of these projects have been languishing for a long time and need to be finished off.

Rosemarkie is almost done. I've finished the front band and one of the arm bands, and the other band I'm currently picking up. Once the bands are done, I will wash and block it, trim and cross-stitch the steeks, and sew the buttons on. It's in bad need of blocking as it looks more like a pile of colorful yarns than a sweater.

We were reunited with the Celtic Collection last night at the radio station (I was a doofus and left it there last week). After Meg smacked me with the book (paperback, fortunately), all was forgiven.


Aidan said...

Does Meg spank you with books often?

meg said...

Only when he leaves good knitting books lying around in public places and then says things like, "Oh well, I wasn't going to knit anything else out of that book," completely ignoring the fact that another knitter in the house, who is nutty for Starmore Arans, might want to use the book someday. So no, not often. It's hard to find her books in print - grin. Are your feet feeling better?

Aidan said...

Are there any kids patterns in the starmore? Noah wants an "Irish" sweater.

As for the feet, they were better before I had to wedge them into shoes for the first time. I almost stayed home again today, but I really want to go to the Stitch n Bitch at the Museum of Contemporary Art tonight.

When are you guys going to go to the MCA?

meg said...

There are a couple of kids' patterns. Remind J. to bring the book. We're thinking of going to the MCA next month.

Franklin said...

If she's into hitting you with books, make sure you never misplace the Barbara Walkers. Those suckers hurt, especially when thrown.

eunny said...

Hi Jonathan -

I'm glad you enjoyed the steek series. To answer the question you asked on my blog, I use a strand of the predominant background color wool and a sharp tapestry needle to tack the edges down, making a point to catch the stitches only through the floats. I try to split the floats (hence the sharp needle) rather than loop all the way around them, since I've found that that can easily distort the stitches on the right side.

You guys have a great blog here with a fun premise - off to read the archives!

GaiaGal said...

Oh, great idea about the UFO's for the Knitting Olympics! I'll be doing my first lace project. I'm all set to go.

Any book suggestions for getting my feet wet on Fair Isle?

Even though i'm not in the Chicagoland area any longer, i just had to save your "Team Chicago" button on my PC...for historical preservation.


Thorny said...

Have you already signed up for the "real" Knitting Olympics? If not, then you can sign up for the UFOlympics!