Thursday, February 16, 2006

In what the announcers would call

"A significant setback," I am experiencing a few difficulties with this Olympic Knitting thing. Well, only one difficulty. One enormous, hairy, bulgy-eyeballed difficulty.
After knitting three or four inches on Eris last night, I discovered today that I knit them on a US 5, and not a US 6 circular needle.
Who needs gauge anyway?
So at lunch, I ripped and picked up stitches, and I'm not even sure I did that right, and I haven't got the markers back on the needles yet and I have an utterly ginormous ball of red yarn that I unwound and, and ... I get to enjoy the cabled raglan increases all over again tonight.
Yes. I'd like some cheese with that whine, thank you very much.


Aidan said...

Ain't that just a bucket of fuck. Sorry, kiddo.

GaiaGal said...

Oh Yikes!! Hang in there!!