Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Men Knit 3

Tonight's meeting, though slightly smaller than our last, proved no less enjoyable. Aidan and I were the first people to show up, and a fellow named Leif joined us later. Aidan stayed away from the hibiscus tea, opting for an orange Rooibos, and I took a pot of white tea. Leif ordered a cup of something, though I'm not sure what it was.

Aidan knitting his asymmetrical wrap. It's for his son's fundraising auction. Nice socks, by the way!

Leif working on a cabled camouflage scarf. When he's done, he'll be able to hide in the forest quite well.

Me in my flying spaghetti monster hat. Actually, they are strands for the braid Aidan later helped me with.

Tonight was simply one of those evenings where I kept screwing my projects up. I had thought that the hat would lend itself to a nice, easy finish. Instead, I misread the directions and threaded a whole bunch of strands into the top that ended up being too short. On the train ride home, I screwed up my duplicate stitching again and had to rip out all of the progress I had made.

And I forgot to bring a copy of Rachael Ray's magazine to stab with our knitting needles. Next time.


meg said...

Those are *fantastic* socks. I've never been sure about that yarn on the ball, but on the foot, it looks way cool.

Aidan said...

Thanks, Meg. It was fun yarn for my first attempt at socks.

My second pair is in Cascade Fixation in a dark, blueberry short of blue. Cottony, squishy, stretchy. Fun. But on the back burner until after the Olympics.

The Fool told me that you both are coming to the next MCA SnB. Woo hoo. It'll be nice to meet you in person.