Tuesday, February 28, 2006

About Those Knitting Olympics...

Fiesta Feet and me
Heh, well... needless to say, I didn't make it. Fiesta Feet is definitely a fascinating sock, but not one cut out for record speeds. What you see is the cuff of sock #1. I took this picture about a week ago, so I'm a bit farther along than the picture would suggest. This is an awesome pattern, by the way, and it only gets better the further you knit.

I've come to learn that I'm not really a speed knitter. I enjoy the process too much to be concerned about finishing something quickly. That's not to say that I'm not a quick knitter, I'm just not out for speed. I generally take my time through the first sock, then speed knit for the second. It was a relief, though, to have finished the hat and the argyles as part of the Olympics. They were projects that were hanging around for no particularly good reason, and now they are actually done. Congratulations to all of those knitters who made gold!

I haven't posted in awhile. Last week was a strange but necessary week, and I'm glad it's over. This week, on the other hand, started off with a spectacular contra dance! Lissa Schneckenburger from Boston was playing, and she did a fabulous job. If that weren't enough, fiddle legend Liz Carroll showed up for awhile and joined in on a few tunes! Lots of friends were dancing, too. It's almost like spring is in the air or something.


Sockbug said...

Those look cool, but no more Lucy Neatby patterns for me for awhile...

dan said...

Recently discovered your blog, and am intrigued and looking at past entries. Went contra dancing on our 2nd date (my wife and I, dancing to a band called Pig's Eye Landing), unfortunately haven't been back since... one of these days (even though it's been 6 years). Looking forward to futures posts (from the both of you)!

Wannietta said...

I love the colours that you're working with! Just like the name implies - they are like a party on your needles.

mad angel said...

Hello, dear Fool, and many thanks for your kind well wishes. The ankle feels a great deal better this morning, but I am still not looking forward to the long trek from my car to the building I work in.

I may well have to try those Fiesta socks myself. They look very cool so far. Technically, I'm still building my wool/camel Ringwood socks, though I haven't touched them in a while, due to trying to dash off a commissioned sweater.

Enjoy the music of the season! Between my job and choir schedules, I don't get out to hear music much anymore. I couldn;t even make it to Boston when Black 47 came to town last week. Snowstorm, fatigue, and a sick kid sealed my fate for yet another evening sittin' on me arse at home. [sigh]

Wishing I could go to Ireland with the band in the Fall again this year, but I think my two weeks in Scotland this summer is going to kill that possibility. Oh well. I'm sure I will get to hear some neat music while there, plus pursue all sorts of fun fibery things. (It's a knitting/spinning/dyeing/whatever else you can think of retreat, and I can't wait!)

I'm excited to hear that you and Meg are beginning to consider spinning wheels. The bug has bit y'all pretty hard! This is good! Spinning is so pleasant. I have five wheels here in my house, one of which is the electric Roberta, with jumbo bobbins. It's my favorite lately, as it's so convenient to grab some fluff, attach, and flip the switch. But I am very fond of my Schacht double treadle also. The Merlin Tree Canadian production wheel (single treadle) boogies along beautifully, though it's not easily transportable. The Joy wheel (my daughter's) is OK for portability and spinning of singles, but I do not like it for plying. Then there's the adorable Lithuanian beastie, which I bought on eBay and love to look at, but have not really made friends with yet. Perhaps because of its vigorous take-up, merino/silk is NOT the best fiber to spin on it. Something more sticky and rustic might do the trick, though. Maybe once I can use my foot for treadling, I'll try it again.

Heading for Maine on St. Pat's Day, for a much-needed weekend of rest, but will be listening to all manner of Irish music on the ride up, and hoping y'all are havin' a kick-arse good time.