Monday, February 13, 2006

A Great Weekend

We had a great time in Cincinnati this weekend. We left home on Saturday morning, taking turns driving so that each of us could get time to work on our projects for the Knitting Olympics. Our first stop was Lambikins Hideaway, located in the merry village of Hamilton. It has that lived-in feeling to it, which both Meg and I love. The shopkeepers were wonderful to talk with, and two of them were working on their Olympic projects as well. The world feels so much smaller when you meet fellow Olympic knitters. We bought some nice sock yarns, too, but I didn't get out the camera to photograph them yet.

Our next stop was local Saturday night contra dance, our main reason for driving to Cincinnati. We were at the top of our game, and the dancers loved us. The caller gave us lots of information about each dance which enabled us to pair them with appropriate tunes easily (much like pairing wine with cheese). We had lots of fun, and I hope they have us back in the future.

After staying with some wonderful hosts in nearby Park Hills, the next morning we made a pilgrimage to Jungle Jim's International Market. If you've never been to Jungle Jim's, you have to promise yourself to visit if you are ever in the Cincinnati area. It's quite an experience! We stocked up our pantry with various hard-to-find goods and headed back towards Chicago.

The whole weekend was filled with patchy snow storms that would come with a fury and then completely disappear within minutes. I think this must have caused rapid freezing and thawing near Lowell, Indiana, because we got caught in traffic there, just before a nasty patch of black ice. I believe the state police temporarily shut down the highway to salt the roads, so we ended up getting into town a bit late. We opted to skip going home and instead went straight to the WHPK radio studio (we do a Celtic music show on Sunday nights). Instead of bringing our music from home this week, we dug into the fabulous collection of Celtic music at the studio. It was a blast! We got to play a lot of Irish music LPs from the early '80s and got exposed to some great albums we hadn't heard before.

I topped off Sunday night by finishing Rosemarkie! I don't have a photo of it because Meg wasn't feeling photogenic, so instead I've brought you the next best thing:

Anyone want to take a guess at what this is/was?


Sockbug said...

Ummm. Trimmed steeky bits?

I walked into the LYS here and the owner asked me if I'd join her team, too. She just assumed I knew what she was talking about, there was no preamble, LOL!

GaiaGal said...

Thank you very much for the link on "Contra Dancing"! We have a friend from our former UU Church in Hobart, IN who used to go and play for Contra Dances and i never knew what the heck he was talking about. Now i know!!