Sunday, September 16, 2007

And the Winners Are...

First, thank you all for the tremendous response to the jelly post. Who knew that so many people would want to so desperately get their hands on a jar of homemade grape jelly?

We thought it was rather pathetic imagining David in kilt hose with no jelly. After all, who would ever want to be in a position like that? And, of course, we have a soft spot in our hearts for Kim, the knitting, spinning contra dancer who hurt her foot and couldn't dance.

Sherrill's entry made us laugh quite a bit, so we're sending her a hand knit washcloth to clean up future preserving mishaps.

Franklin, we have a special gem of promotional publishing for you. As you are a self-described "disconsolate bachelor," we can think of no finer person to receive "The Freixenet Social Survival Guide," published by a Catalan winery that produces cheap sparkling wine. This handy guide provides five never-fail conversational starters, the rules for "Sardines," and a useful section on how to ditch a bad date (in case an attempt to abandon bachelorhood goes south.)

Katie, as one of Angus' biggest and most faithful fans, his Biting Royal Arseness would like to send you an autographed picture for your new apartment refrigerator.

If you've won something, please send your snail mail address to "jelly AT" (replace the AT with you-know-what), and we'll ship it right off.


Katie said...

Woot! Email sent! And as a thank you to Angus, Meg and Jonathan, here is a link to the video for the "mean kitty" song. I think this puddytat is Angus' cousin:


Eldronius said...

Yay to the jelly crowd!

Do let us know if it has the faintest dusting of feet in its flavor bouquet.

Kathy in KS said...

A very grapey congratulations to the winners! Yay you! You are now obligated to let us know if it's better with toast or english muffins.

David said...


You guys are too cool.