Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sock Wars!

You only have until October 1st to sign up for Sock Wars. You are an "assassin" trying to "kill" your target by knitting him/her a pair of socks. Once you do this, you mail the socks to your target, effectively "killing" them. They mail you back the unfinished pair of socks they were working on for their target. The game continues as such until only one person is left.


Anonymous said...

happy anniversary!

nice yard!

say, if I change the 'd' to an 'n', I get "yarn".
WOW; I amaze myself sometimes...don't take much...

anne marie in philly

Stephenson! said...

Okay, you'll have to fill me in on this... I don't know if I'll be participating, as I'd start the war dead in the water (read: S-L-O-W), but how does it work, exactly? So after you kill your target with their new socks, they mail you back unfinished socks, right... What if they already finished the socks and have none to mail back? Does finishing your target's socks give you sanctuary? Are you supposed to finish the unfinished dead target's socks and send them on to your target's target? The message board answers to this kind of question on the site was wicked confusing.

Yeah, I don't really even need this until next time, as I haven't really even gotten through basic training (i.e. knit a sock that fits ANYthing). I'm just curious. You could even just save it for the next time we meet.