Saturday, September 29, 2007

Our Anniversary

We celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary with a mini yarn crawl followed by dinner in Printers Row.

We started in the South Loop at Knitwerks.

Recently written up in the Chicago Tribune, Proprietor Cherrl Harmon clearly has a passion for yarn. She has impeccable taste and it shows in her selection of yarn, colors and patterns. Meg bought some yarn for fingerless mittens.

Then we headed over to Loopy Yarns to pet the sock yarn. I found one of particular interest to pet.

I decided to take it home with me, actually. I love the tag. "Who says socks have to match?" Damn straight!

We then walked over to dinner at the Custom House and had a delicious, protein-filled meal. We ate a little too much food and stumbled back to our car.

Here our the balls of yarn pondering their upcoming transformation into mittens and socks. They have a nice view of the side yard, actually.

They were impressed with how quiet it is out here. And how bright the full moon gets out here. It actually woke me up the other night as it shone through the skylight.

Oh, right. I finished a pair of socks for me.

I can't find the other one. I'm sure it will turn up.


Paula in Iowa said...

Happy Anniversary, y'all!

Stephenson! said...

Happy Anniversary! :)

Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary!
I'm more determined than ever to catch or convert my own knitter. That sounds like the perfect romantic date.