Thursday, September 13, 2007

How Often Does This Happen?

You're at work, and, through a series of e-mails, you end up starting a humor chain that manages to incorporate what you do at work with knitting. And you're not the only one laughing.

It all started off when I explained to my group about my availability tomorrow, that I would be driving to Indianapolis but would be available by cell phone.

Someone started off the e-mail chain with this (keep in mind they all know I knit):

Person A: "If while you are driving we call you on your cell phone, will that distract you from your knitting?"

Me: "Oh, I didn't tell you? I'm knitting the next [document that relates to work which is written in a geek language called UML]."

Person B: "Now, that is something I would like to see. Are there common UML knitting patterns?"

Me: "We use a language called KnitML. Every thing is a freeform diagram."1

Person C: "Hmm... looks like that standard is full of loop holes."

Me: "For KnitML 2.0 (currently in Pre-Candidate Fairly Strong Recommendation status at the W3C), they are planning on tightening up the loop holes by using smaller needles."1

Go me.

Winners of the 2007 Great Grape Jelly Competition will be posted soon, I promise.

1For those of you who are not tech savvy, I apologize. We all found it funny.


Tola said...

funny is funny, its just funny to a certain set of folks sometimes!

the fiddlin' fool said...

Oh my goodness!

I actually just Googled KnitML. I am a bit floored to realize that it
already exists! I had no idea.

Barbara said...

that's hysterical...

I would love to write up a couple of use cases in KnitML - just to see what my IT team would make of it.

I showed them the chart for the MS3 and they said that was less complicated than the last Requirements I submitted.

Now, I'm going to go google KnitML to see what the Fool found.

Matt said...

Ok, so who asked about the knitting, was that wiberto?

Knitting Rose said...

I love geek humor!

Jakki said...

I'm not techy [even blogger gives me fits.] But I got a chuckle from your knit/work email exchange!

[Enjoy your posts anyway - time to let you both know!]

Lanea said...

Ah, the community of knitting coders--all your knitting programs are belong to us.