Saturday, September 15, 2007

I do not like knowing the cats have secrets

Someone is a mouser.
The Fool heard a cat thumping around on the bedroom rug early the other morning, but didn't bother to wake up, because the cats are always thumping around in the bedroom at night.
When he woke up, there was a wee dead mouse on the rug - and no one's talking.
I'm slogging through a sock right now. Skipped knitting group this week for some reason that seemed sensible at the time, but probably wasn't.
I realized the other day, though, that maybe I ought to kick the holiday knitting into gear soon.

Perhaps some canned cat food will loosen tongues around the house ....

1 comment:

Lanea said...

Don't worry too much. As long as they're actual cats and not cylons, it's nothing to worry about.