Sunday, January 13, 2008

Busy weekend

Well, one weekend taken up with a medium-sized project.
We started to paint the bathroom.

First, we put blue primer up so the darker blue paint (lupine) will cover better. Even though we had the window open, it still smelled a bit, so we had to leave the bathroom door open and use a fan.
That was fine, except Angus kept stopping by to check up on us every so often.
We didn't mind that too much, because he generally kept out of the way, but then he leapt onto a ledge and got some paint on his paw and left incriminating blue footprints all over the bathroom floor and on the wall.

When I grabbed him and flipped him over in my arms to examine his paws, he bit me.
I had another adventure in which I decided to remove a broken towel rack and a toothbrush holder we never use from the walls. I did OK chiseling out the little wooden pegs and unscrewing the toothbrush holder, but someone decided to use one of those screws with an expanding wall anchor thinger on the towel rack. Couldn't figure out why the thing wouldn't unscrew properly. So I applied brute force, knowing full well that most of the time, when you do that, you end up making more work for yourself. Indeed so. I made a big hole in the drywall and got to demonstrate my mad spackling skillz as I fixed the hole. It looks OK now, though.
The knitting going on these days is mostly sock knitting, finishing up plain pairs in interesting yarns. The problem with this is that I'm never home during daylight hours to take pictures of what I'm knitting.
So instead, I'll leave you with a washed-out picture of the socks the Fool knit for me for Christmas.
Today was their inaugural appearance. I wore them to work.


ColorJoy LynnH said...

The cat antics continue to amuse. I am sure they are funny to you long after they are fresh in the mind. Animals are definitely animals! I haven't had a pet in 11 years but I remember.

Spackling skills. I'm pretty great at that, too. I owned a duplex for about a dozen years and learned to fix many things. Spackling was one of the easier ones.

The socks are great, too.

Lanea said...

Oh, the painting. I got to remove some evil wallpaper border I hate hate hate. Good luck on the bathroom. And I hope the cats stop being evil, but without just ceasing to exist, which may be the only way they can get the evil under control.

Eldronius said...

I love those socks.

...and do you want to come do my bathroom? My cat won't bite, she will just run and hide. I promise.

Anonymous said...

I love those socks too!
Did the Fool generate a pattern? or is there one out there so I can make my own (clearly not quite as good, but still) pair?

I'm envious of the bathroom project. I can't imagine DH joining in on such a thing (though he did once help me put up a wall paper border).