Thursday, January 17, 2008

Those crazy kids

The Fool and I had an early-morning gig today.
How early?
6:30 a.m. Apparently, at the University of Chicago, there's some midwinter event wherein students get up at the crack of dawn and participate in physical activity. (So far as I can tell.)
Anyway, the folk group that organizes the contra dances got asked to organize, and so they did ... and we got invited to come provide live music with Ezra on banjo, and Ed, who you may remember from earlier entries. (He is lobbying to pick his own pseudonym - he chose Samnath Pileser. I think he's being difficult.)
We were sharing space in the gymnasium with the ballroom dance club (which had recorded music and therefore, we kicked their butts) and with a handful of runners using the track who looked surprised to find an entire old-time string band interfering with their morning exercise.
After the gig, I demanded we stop at the Medici Bakery, because I was hungry and short-tempered, and because the Fool is a smart and prudent man, he agreed. Fresh, warm peach turnover and a cafe au lait. Mmmm.
I dropped the Fool off at work and continued home where I went back to bed.


JustApril said...

Never deny a sleepy woman her peach turnover! =) At 6:30, I can't even focus yet, don't know how you guys did that.

meg said...

Not so well, actually, because it took us one tune to realize that the only microphone working was the Fool's - the rest of us were dead.

JustApril said...

ah rats!

Ms. L said...

Ahh, Kuviasungnerk/Kangeiko. I did all five days twice while I was at UChicago (you get a t-shirt if you go all five mornings).

Usually, on Friday, there is outdoors yoga. Guess they're switching it up this year.

meg said...

I think they had outdoors yoga this year too on the last day - the Chicago Tribune had a photo. I think we were part of the post-yoga entertainment on Thursday. I hope it was a long-sleeved T-shirt; it's cold.

Janice said...

One word: insanity.