Friday, January 18, 2008


It's not all 6:30 a.m. contra dances and "stop that, Angus!" around here ... I've been knitting.
First up is a pair of mittens for my friend Nikki, who catsat in July while we were in Cape Breton. She really liked this pattern (the Aran mittens from 'Folk Mittens') and I started out trying to knit them in dark gray alpaca.

But as you can see, the cables don't stand out so well, and furthermore, I seem to be knitting them on dpns, which I hate.

Take 2. Old reliable Cascade 220.

Much better. I'm working a show tonight, so I think I'll get more done on these. Note the magic loop thing happening. Much happier.

Finally, I'm working on this baby sweater, the dragon scale one from the 2007 IK Holiday Knits issue. I've got one front nearly done. It's a cool pattern, but I think once will be enough on this one. The directions for decreasing along the front edge in pattern nearly gave me a migraine. On the other hand, I seem to have finally learned the difference between aM1R and a M1L without having to look it up every time, and that is worth the aggravation right there.


JustApril said...

Great cabled stuff, but I esp love the dragon scale pattern, really cool. I hate having to look up something over and over, I'm like that with kitchener. I think I finally have it down, now, tho.

JJ said...

FYI - adding a selvedge to each edge of the kimono will make seaming MUCH easier. I just finished this and wished I had thought of it sooner.

I know we shouldn't encourage Angus, but he really cracks me up. He reminds me of my (very bad) cat but in a good way (because he is thousands of miles away!!). Good luck with the toilet training.