Thursday, January 31, 2008

Random snowy Thursday

Whole lot of snow today. I've found that part of being around the house more means that I'm privy to the secret life of the cats, which involves a lot of watching squirrels on the porch.
I've been referring to the big sliding glass doors as cat reality TV and lately? It's all about the Squirrel Channel. Squirrels in the birdfeeder, squirrels on the railing, squirrels running around on the porch ... Angus and Spoot and Mab can't get enough. I found some field corn in an already-harvested field around here, and brought a sack back for the squirrels and birds in the name of entertaining the cats.
(although I've been wondering, as I watch the hairy beasts hoover down expensive birdseed - does the kind of birdseed with red pepper on it do anything to keep squirrels away as the package promises? I saw some at the store today and if it works, it would solve some problems around here.)

The other thing I've been doing more of lately is quilting. Again, the cats are fans. I got an idea for a batik quilt in my head the other day and wasn't able to get it out, so I had to drop everything and go to the basement for a couple hours to start on it.
Angus joined me. Whenever I tried to pull a piece of fabric out from under him that I needed, he grabbed my hand with his paws and tried to bite me. Fun times.

Oh! One last thing. We got nominated for a "You Made My Day" award by Needledancer (sorry; can't get blog link to work - grr.) Which is really really sweet and, well, thanks!


Lanea said...

You two deserve it, you know. You roxors. Or whatever those whippersnappers are saying these days.

I can't wait to see the quilt!

Is it wrong of me to want to encourage squirrels? I want to make an amusement park for them. In part because it would thus be an amusement park for hawks.

LaurieM said...

The squirrels bother me as much as they do my dog. The cheeky little bastards used to pelt us with green pears on purpose. Nowadays, they sit in front of the window and mock Dexter (the dog).

Ever so often, I just open the door and let the dog out. You should see that squirrel's ass fly!

anne marie in philly said...

meredith and steven lerve the birds and squirrels and deer that come up to the LR window feeder.

the tense body language, the tails barely moving, the whiskers twitching, the throat clicking sounds...ya can't beat it!

no snow here in philly, and that's just fine with me.

angus is guarding the fabric from the fabric stealing trolls that haunt your house :-)

Stephenson! said...

I don't think a professional photographer could have gotten a better picture of Angus. That's awesome.

I'm hoping to get a functioning sewing machine at some point soon so I can start quilting and stuff. Everyone I know who does it enjoys it. :)

Miss you two!

meg said...

Jen - yeah, it's too bad the only pictures of Angus we can get are of him doing something slightly annoying. We miss you guys too...