Friday, January 04, 2008

Socks I've Received

I'm one lucky boy. For Christmas, Meg knit me two pairs of socks! There is a really nifty cable up the side of these:

And a twisty pattern on these:

Both pairs are very warm and have kept my feet extremely happy over the last couple of days (it's been bitterly cold here in Chicago). Thanks, Meg! You're my favorite wife!

And, since I've gotten my head out of my ass to thank those who have knitted me socks, I can't forget to thank the two assassins that took me down in Sock Wars a few months back. Up until today, I didn't really have any idea who they were. These socks just appeared in a padded envelope in my mailbox one evening:

I never got to properly thank those who knitted them for me, for the socks I was waiting to receive from my second victim ended up bypassing me. Then I frankly forgot all about it.

Well, I ended up running into one of my assassins on Ravelry in a discussion thread. Doing a bit of sleuthing allowed me to discover that the socks were primarily knit by Annaminster and were finished up by Tia. Thanks so much to the both of you for slugging through a large man's foot... twice!

I was cleaning out the dresser drawers the other night and realized that I possess a crapload of socks. Out of curiosity, I threw all of the socks that were in my drawer into a large pile to see how big the pile would be.

Keep in mind that these are only the clean, matched socks of my wardrobe. There are a number of dirty ones that aren't in this picture.

My sock drawer runneth over...


Anonymous said...

Dude, you totally need a bigger sock drawer. That one's pitiful.

Lanea said...

Holy frijoles, that's a lot of handmade socks you've got there, buddy. Congrats.

anne marie in philly said...

nice leg shots, fool!

(whistles softly)

Sarah said...

I can't wait till my sock drawer looks like that. Espeicially if other people were contributing to it.