Monday, January 28, 2008

You've got to go hear this band

If you haven't heard of the Carolina Chocolate Drops and you like old-time stringband music, you should go look them up.
If you don't know anything about old-time stringband music, you should definitely go look them up. They focus on the music of North and South Carolina and are a whole lot of fun to watch on stage. (Their schedule is online, and I really think if you look hard, you can find a show somewhere near you this year.)
The trio played at the Old Town School of Folk Music Saturday and Sunday nights, and for once, rather than working at the concert, I got to go sit in the audience, at least on Saturday.
Sunday, I was working, and sitting at the merchandise table in the lobby knitting a sock. Rhiannon, who plays banjo and sings and clogs in the band, was on her way out, and asked if I'd seen their manager, because she *needed another ball of yarn from the van.*
It turns out she knits, and although she calls herself a beginner, she was wearing a very nice ribbed scarf and is working on a basketweave afghan that she knits while they're driving from gig to gig in their van.
She got a chance to go to some Chicago yarn shops on Saturday morning, and we talked the general nerdy talk of two knitters meeting in the wild.
So even if you don't know anything about old-time music, you really do need to go check this band out.
Rhiannon needs money for wool.


Alisa said...

I second that - Carolina Chocolate Drops are definitely worth going out of the way to see. They are a fantastic group!

JustApril said...

Reminds me of Blue Grass a bit. I'll have to see if they're coming this way any time in the nearish future.

ColorJoy LynnH said...

I like some oldtimey stuff and not others... I absolutely LOVE the Carolina Chocolate Drops.

They were here in Lansing this summer for the Great Lakes Folk Festival. Spectacular.

And she knits. Go, grrl! As if playing banjo so well wasn't enough.

AnneMarie said...

Rhiannon is also a wicked good dance caller and sings Opera! She is amazing. I lived in Winston-Salem for many years and was treated to her many talents. Good to know she knits, too!

Katie said...

I'll join the chorus of folks who loved the Carolina Chocolate Drops! I'm just sorry I wasn't able to make it to Rhiannon's singing workshop Saturday afternoon.

And why am I not surprised that Rhiannon would turn out to be a knitter - you're everywhere!! And one day, I'll probably be one of you. Gods help me!

Lanea said...

I love them. With all my heart. How stalkerish would it be for me to send Rhiannon yarn?

meg said...

lanea - kinda stalkerish, but in a sweet, woolly way.

Miriam S said...

i loved them already before learning that she's a knitter. she rocks. too bad she's not local!