Monday, July 25, 2005

The Latest Project

I just cast on for the argyle socks this morning. I have to get 2" of cuff knit before I get to the intarsia part, but it sounds like it will be very interesting. The pattern is taken from Edie's Argyles on Socknitters, except that it will be worked over 64 stitches instead of 49, and it will be done as intarsia-in-the-round with a light seam running up the back of the leg.

There seem to be a lot of people who believe that intarsia-in-the-round isn't possible. I guess this isn't quite round knitting (at least in the traditional sense), since you're still going back and forth and merely connecting up the ends on each row, but it still produces a round object without having to seam it up afterwards. There is also the festive method of knitting, which is truly intarsia-in-the-round, but argyles don't lend themselves to this technique very well since there are large, distinct blocks of color you would have to carry the main color over.

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