Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Looks Like a Good Day

Today is shaping up to be a good day. I started off the day with several birthday presents from my wife, one of which includes a Cape Breton CD of the Beatons. Excellent! Then I continued my day with a French Toast bagel with hazelnut cream cheese. Another plus is that the temperature is supposed to drop this afternoon due to a wind shift. Hooray!

I have also finished knitting up to the cuff again on the argyles and will drop a lifeline this time, just in case I decide to misplace the start of my squares again. I'm not looking forward to the starter row, but if I can get past that, I think I'll be set.

Today is also a good day to go to the yarn store and pick up 2 skeins of worsted weight mercerized cotton: one in navy blue and one in cream. A friend of mine was diagnosed with leukemia a few weeks ago and has been undergoing chemo. He requested a cap for his head, so knitting up a quick hat is the least I can do. If there is leftover, I will probably knit his little 1-year old a hat, too, just for fun.


Nowhere Nick said...

Its nice to know sometimes that the little things that we do for people can make a big difference. I think knitting a hat for your friend could be a very encouraging thing for him.

Happy Birthday,

Dani said...

Happy birthday to you!

Looking fwd to seeing these socks - sounds like they will be great!

Andy said...

Hey Jonny Jump Up,
Happy burfday!! (a day late)