Tuesday, July 26, 2005


I wouldn't recommend trying intarsia for the first time in a cramped spot on the train! It was particularly difficult because the color patterning effectively went like this for the first row:


This means that at every -*-, there were five strands of yarn to deal with: 2 ends and 3 working strands. All I can say is... argh!!

I actually was going along fine after I got past this row, but somehow realized that I put the start of my second square on stitch 50 instead of stitch 48. So I tried to frog and catch back to the all-knitted round right after the cuff, and that just didn't work. I don't really understand how to pick up ribbing, so I ended up frogging the whole thing and starting over. Oh well, it's all for the best. I can really breeze through k1p1 ribbing, so it will take me a half hour or so.

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