Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Long time, no post

My goodness! It has been over a week since I last posted. I haven't started anything new, but I have finished the first of the Twisted Rib socks and the first of the argyles. Photos will be coming soon. All of my knitting time is now spent on knitting the second sock for each pair, so that's not terribly exciting from a blog perspective.

Cat Bordhi's technique of knitting the heel stitches with a needle one size smaller worked really well for the argyles. I was extremely hesitant to go down to 56 stitches for the foot, as I was convinced this would be too small. I chose 64 stitches instead, and that was a good call, as the sock is just snug enough.

I've also been spinning a lot. For awhile, the twist was running up into the fiber mass and causing massive knots in the roving. With some practice, I've been able to the draft the fibers fast enough to prevent this from happening... at least most of the time. I still end up with little yarn blurbs at the end of each fiber section, but they are getting smaller.

Upcoming plans include a toque out of 45 Fun and Fanciful Hats To Knit made with some really nice-looking KnitPicks yarn. My wife is going to try her hand at natural dyeing, so she got some undyed wool to mess with as well. I may eventually make a vest out of some of it. There is a really neat-looking Alice Starmore vest I would like to try, as it involves fair isle, which is fun, and steeking, which I haven't tried but sounds nifty.

Who knows? Perhaps I will remain in finishing mode for awhile and finish up the Cabled / Bobbled Hat that's been on the needles since before I started knitting socks, or finish that blasted toe-up sock.

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