Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Over the weekend, I was able to complete the first of the argyle socks. This doesn't include the little white lines that will be duplicate stitched, but I figure that shouldn't take too long.

I'm taking the Metra to work for this month and next instead of the L. It is slightly cheaper, the same amount of commuting time, but a longer walk. The Metra mainly services the suburbs, whereas the L services mainly the city. Oak Park is blessed with both Metra and L service, so we get a choice. Since it's so nice outside this month and next, I opted for the long walk. I feel even more productive with my knitting / walking combination, possibly because I am getting into a better groove with the longer walk. This morning, for instance, I casted on for the second argyle and completed 7 rounds of ribbing before I arrived at work.

The weekend brought both my wife and I to various excursions. The first was to Geneva for the Fox Falley Folk Festival. We stopped in a yarn shop where I proceeded to buy a 100g skein of Opal handpaint, what I would call frog-colored yarn (dark to iridescent green). Let's just hope that the frog color doesn't mean it will have to be frogged! My wife said she will knit me a pair out of the skein. Whoopee!

We attempted to stop in at the yarn shop in Long Grove on Labor Day, but even yarn store owners need a vacation once in awhile, so there was no luck to be had for us. It's too bad, really, because there was a bit Irish festival that day, and they probably could have done a lot of business. It was a fun festival, nevertheless. We got paid in merchandise instead of cash, which is a real hoot! We ended up taking 11 new CDs home with us.

The entrelac pattern is completed and mailed off, for those who are curious. If you want it and don't have it already, leave me your e-mail address and I'll send it along.

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Kenny said...

You can walk and knit? Hell, I can't even walk and chew gum at the same time!!!!!