Monday, September 12, 2005

A New Hobby

So we took a trip up to the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival over the weekend. Lots of sheep, yarn, and rovings. I decided that this was a good time to try my hand at spinning. So I purchase a drop spindle and a bit of roving. Here is a couple of meters of what I spun:

Not bad for a first try. It's pretty nifty when you think about it. This gets me one step closer towards fulfilling my goal of having a hand in the entire process, from shearing to garment. I guess this means the next step would be carding, then washing raw fleece, then shearing, then... raising my own sheep? Hmm, I think this last one may be optional.

My wife purchased a natural dye starter kit as well, so we've got pretty much all of our bases covered to making custom yarn.

Oh yes, and here is a picture of that frog-colored Opal I was telling you about:


Kenny said...

That Opal is really pretty. Don't call it "frog" color.... sounds slimy!

Thanks for your comments on my 2 socks on magic loop

Thorny said...

That Opal is some seriously pretty stuff, man. Just lovely.

Glad you're enjoying spinning! Some time when we're down there I'll probably bug you for a demonstration, I've been spin-curious for a while now myself.

the fiddlin' fool said...

But I like calling it frog color! Perhaps I will get my wife to knit bright orange toes, and then I can look like a tree frog!

mad angel said...

That color IS froggy, I agree. And frogs are wonderful, slime and all.

Good job with the drop spindle! I have a love/hate relationship with mine, but find a wrist distaff very helpful. Current favorite drop spindle here is a Turkish one, not that I use it very often, being far more partial to my wheels and electric spinner.

I have been finding dyeing to be a ton of fun, as you have seen on my blog. Thinking about experimenting with some natural dyestuff next, and am debating. Of what my yard yields, which to choose? Black walnut hulls, nettles, or fennel? But first I need to get hold of some Synthrapol.

My latest Opal yarns are the Flamingo and new Tiger. One purple Prisma is done, but could I bring myself to start the second? Heck, no. Had to see what the Flamingo would look like first. So now I have three pairs going at once. Oh, the choices and decisions that await me when I pull out my sock bag during my coffee break at work!

Meanwhile, Black 47 is playing in RI Friday night. Haven't seen my boys since April, and hoo-eee do I need a fix!!!!

It won't be long before you are making socks with your handspun. Spindles make yarn a lot faster than most folks realize once you get the hang of it. ;-)

Bonnie said...

How amazing to wear a something you knit with yarn you made yourself! I still need to conquer my fear of cables so the day I spin my own gorgeous yarn is far, far off. I guess that is the beauty of blog vicariously through others!

Geez, hope that doesn't make me a lazt knitter.

GaiaGal said...

Oh wow! That yarn is amazing! I just love the colors...i should have never looked at it. UGH!!