Monday, September 12, 2005

To the Blog Spammers Out There

Get a life, people. Do you honestly think I'm going to keep your comment up simply because you tell me my blog rocks and you compliment me in some vague way? If this keeps up, I'll have to turn word verification on. Sorry to the rest of the people who actually read my blog.


Katherine said...

I also had to turn on word verification. I got so many of those comments I couldn't sift out the real ones anymore. There has to be a way to stop that kind of advertising.

You are so right!! Glad you posted about the problem.
Happy knitting,

Kenny said...

Word verification is the way to go. I had to do that after some spammer left advertisement comments on my blog.

mad angel said...

I turned on word verification, too, after receiving a comment from a *GASP* "escort service" in Atlanta. Icky-poo. I just wanna knit 'n spin!

Nowhere Nick said...

Blog spammers suck! I logged into my blog one day and had 15 comments on one post. I got all excited and to my surprise had been spammed!


GaiaGal said...

No worries about using the word verification, it sucks that you have to but people who want to read you and comment won't really mind the extra little step.