Tuesday, September 20, 2005

New pictures

The first argyle sock is done. Well, except for the duplicate stitching. I have to figure out how to do that...

The first twisted sock is done. I wasn't really expecting Lorna's Laces to stripe like this. I did get it to pool around the gusset, however. This ribbing wasn't really worth the fuss, though it's easier to see when it's on a foot.

My spindle and my first bit of spun roving. You wouldn't believe the number of times the single has broken and I've had to go back, untwist it, and pray that it would take new fibers being spun into it.


Anonymous said...

Love those argyles! I am impressed!
I know what you mean about the LL, sometimes I really like the striping and sometimes I think it's ugly. It's hard to do a pattern stitch with, for sure.

Kenny said...

Your socks look really good. Except for the coloring of the rainbow yarn. But the stitching looks real good.

mad angel said...

Your socks ALWAYS look great. And the spinning is fab! Congrats!